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2024 Pando Ambassador Sponsor: Pando Coffee

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Pando Coffee is deeply rooted in our community in the heart of Utah and the inspiration for our name came from Pando, the world’s largest tree, a deeply rooted, remarkable natural wonder right in our backyard. We feel a sense of responsibility to honor and protect this natural wonder that’s part of our state’s heritage. So, we are partnering with Friends of Pando, an organization whose mission to protect the tree, educate the public and support research aligns perfectly with our mission to create a sustainable and community-focused business.

Through our relationship with Friends of Pando, we hope to not only support their conservation efforts but also raise awareness about the significance of Pando as a local treasure. We aspire to inspire our customers and community to cherish and protect Utah’s natural wonders. 

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Pando Coffee will donate the sale of one bag of coffee per day to fund the Pando Ambassador Program in 2024

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Friends of Pando is dedicated and working to educate the public, support research and preservation efforts and inspire stewardship of Pando, the world’s largest tree.

Your gift of only $14 a month will help protect Pando for generations to come.

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Friends of Pando is a proud partner of Pando’s public land stewards, Fishlake National Forest of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture.

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Friends of Pando and its partners are equal opportunity employers.

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Friends of Pando
PO Box 12
Richfield, UT, 84701
Phone: 435-633-1893
IRS EIN: 87-3958681