Kirk Henricksen

Landscape Painter

2021 Pando Artist In Residence


My exposure to landscape painting began as a child observing my grandfather in his art studio. His father was a Danish immigrant artist and I saw many of his paintings in the homes of neighbors and relatives. I grew up dreaming to follow in their footsteps and with the advantages afforded me today I feel obligated to continue the family tradition and improve on their efforts.

My university art education directed me toward a career in museum exhibit design where I promoted the work of many other artists. I began my own pursuit of landscape painting in response to the romantic landscapes of Alfred Lambourne and the honest portrayal of commonplace scenes by LeConte Stewart. I then studied the work of Utah artists that studied in Paris from 1890 to 1914. Although I do not consider myself an impressionist I have always been drawn to their efforts to capture the effects of light.

artist painting in the pando tree

The process of painting from life out of doors or “en plein air” allows me to focus my full attention on a subject for a few hours. It is almost as if I fall into a sort of meditative state. For two or three hours, as I observe and attempt to capture the fleeting effects of light, all my other cares disappear. I derive great satisfaction from the observation of nature.

The search for a pleasing composition and harmonious color combinations is not an exact duplication of the scene I have selected but a refinement or simplification of innumerable visual stimuli. When the painting is finished my experience is complete. The object I created is ready to be passed on to others, to provide them with the opportunity to enjoy at the beauty of this world.

Kirk Henricksen Selection of Works Inspired by Pando & Fishlake

Copyright Kirk Henricksen, 2021, Used with permission

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