The Pando Tree

Pando is the world's largest tree

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The World's Largest Tree

Learn about Pando's discovery and the land it calls home.

How Pando Works

Just how big is Pando? Learn about it's size, age, how it works & more

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Pando Bibliography

This bibliography contains a collection of key scientific and cultural literature about Pando and the surrounding land

A Geologic History of Fishlake

Utah is internationally recognized for its outstanding geological displays, largely focused on the rocks exposed and preserved in the National parks and monuments in the southeast of the state. Utah is also home to Pando, the world’s largest tree. This review details the geology and geomorphological literature about Pando's home.

By Lorna Campbell (Geoscientist), Edited by Lance Oditt

Pando: Life on The Boundary of Discovery and Imagination

Read our Natural History of Pando to learn about the land it calls home and the people who lived their lives with the tree.

The History of Land Management in Pando

Pando and the greater Fish Lake Basin where it is found, became part of the Forest Reserve system through a proclamation by President William McKinley on February 10th, 1899. Pando’s history since that time is linked by this connection to what became Fishlake National Forest... By Nick Mustoe District Ranger, Coconino National Forest Former Forester, Fremont District (Fishlake National Forest)
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The Science of Pando

Friends of Pando gathers and supports research about Pando and the land it calls home. As a citizen-science led organization, we work to uphold and  promote Open Science principles by making our research and findings freely available to  scientists and the public for study, use and enjoyment. Click the button below to visit our Science of Pando Page to gather data, maps and resources to study and educate others about Pando.

The Pando Photographic Survey

Friends of Pando is documenting the entire Pando Tree using high resolution 360-degree images. A first of its kind re-photography project scientists can use to monitor the tree for generations to come. Learn more about this project and experience  Pando from home.


Friends of Pando is dedicated and working to educate the public, support research and preservation efforts and inspire stewardship of Pando, the world’s largest tree.

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Friends of Pando is a proud partner of Pando’s public land stewards, Fishlake National Forest of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture.

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