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Pando is the world's largest tree.

Friends of Pando is working to educate the public about the tree, support researchers and inspire stewardship.

What is Pando?

Pando is a quaking aspen that spreads out across 106 acres in the heartland of Utah. Its 47,000 branches appear to us as unique tree trunks, but are genetically identical parts of the same tree connected by a massive root system.

Pando redefines our idea of “tree” and attracts a lot of headlines. Take a few minutes to learn more about this giant wonder from scientists, land managers and artists who study it today…

Meet the Team!

The Pando Photographic Survey is an all-volunteer endeavor to photograph the entirety of the Pando for posterity and would not be possible without the support of our many volunteers and partners.  


Friends of Pando programs are geared towards educating the public about the tree, documenting it to support researchers and land managers, and inspiring stewardship.

Educating the Public

Friends of Pando Workshops

Workshops form the core of our program to educate the public about the Pando and ongoing work to document and understand the tree. Current programs are targeted at college students of various disciplines but will soon be expanded to a larger audience…

Documenting Pando

Pando Photographic Survey

In Summer of 2021, Friends of Pando will launch an all-volunteer effort to create the first complete photographic survey of the world’s largest tree, recording images and location data for 11,200 sites across the tree’s 106 acres…

Inspiring Stewardship

Virtual Pando Land Art Installation

Lead Survey Photographer Lance Oditt, will use 360o cameras and LIDAR imaging to overlay the Pando on locations throughout the world where people can experience the tree and walk its 106 acres via “virtual” hikes using their mobile devices…


Friends of Pando is an all volunteer organization and as such, we are always looking for people who are interested in helping understand, document and celebrate Pando.

Today, we need help with a number of projects including the Pando Photographic Survey, rehabilitating the land around Pando, and summer research work with scientists studying the tree.

Visit our volunteer page to review opportunities and sign up. 

A Friend of Pando is a friend of mine...

Friends of Pando is a volunteer led collaborative based in Richfield, Utah. With the support of Snow College as the fiscal sponsor, this dedicated group of volunteers works to educate the public about Pando, inspire stewardship, and support those who care for and study the tree. Operating under the ethos, “A friend of Pando is a friend of mine“, Friends of Pando welcomes all who share our passion for documenting, understanding, and celebrating this magnificient tree.

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About Us

Friends of Pando is a not-for-profit organization operating under fiscal sponsorship of Snow College via in kind donations.

To learn more about how you can support our work, visit the About Us Page. 


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