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A friend of Pando is a friend of mine...

Our Vision

Friends of Pando envisions a future where the world’s largest tree is understood, documented, and celebrated. To achieve that vision, we are working to educate the public about the tree, support research, assist land managers and inspire stewardship.


Friends of Pando was founded in 2019 by a group of researchers, artists, land managers, educators and community leaders who gathered together to share their passion for the tree and their ideas to:

  • Promote awareness about Pando
  • Educate the public
  • Document the tree
  • Support researchers
  • Provide hands-on experiences with the tree
Those early gatherings informed our development strategy and inspired a sense of shared responsibility that drives our work today. 
Yellow and red aspen leaf on gray lichen

A Shared Responsibility

As the world’s largest tree, Pando challenges our ideas about what a tree can be, nature’s imagination and, our role as part of nature.  Friends of Pando’s approach is rooted in humility for the fact we are living in a time we are just coming to know the tree. There are still many things we do not understand and some questions will take generations to answer.  We believe if we listen to the lessons the tree has to tell and apply our imagination, we all stand to benefit.

Despite its status as the worlds largest tree, Pando has not enjoyed the dedication of a group of people focused on the tree and the land it calls home nor, formal protections as other famous trees like redwoods or Joshua trees enjoy. We view our efforts to document Pando, educate the public, support researchers and bring folks together as part of a shared responsibility. Our operational principles are inspired by the tree and the idea we all have a role to play in a future where the tree is understood and can be celebrated for generations to come.

Operational Principles


Just as each of the 47,000 branches of Pando are unique expressions of the larger tree, we recognize each person brings unique talents, insights, and skills. We appreciate and respect all who are inspired by the tree and declare “A friend of Pando, is a friend of mine.”


Just as Pando is one tree that spreads it roots widely, Friends of Pando works to foster collaboration working with all who demonstrate a sincere commitment to a future where Pando is understood and thrives.

Gate Building Crew
Image of researchers investigating the Pando tree

Inspired Stewardship

Just as the branches of Pando reach in all directions as it seeks the light, Friends of Pando seeks to creatively advance our vision and inspire stewardship.

Long-term Thinking

As the Pando represents thousands of years of sustained growth, Friends of Pando supports and promotes long-term thinking to advance understanding and inspire stewardship.

Pando Sign
citizen scientist training

A Learning Organization 

Just as the branches of Pando fall off as the tree finds better paths to light, Friends of Pando works to advance our vision through open communication relying on data, insight and feedback to advance our growth.

Organizational Profile

Friends of Pando is a not-for-profit organization operating under the fiscal sponsorship of Snow College in Richfield, Utah. A volunteer-led organization, we work with volunteers, students, and community leaders and operate throughout the area Pando calls home.

Through work agreements with the Fishlake National Forest and a generous donation from EJF Philanthropies, our 2021 season is geared toward establishing our status as a an organization operating in the public good to secure our standing as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. This work is also geared toward our aspiration to become the dedicated interpretive organization of record for Pando with the Fishlake National Forest Service.

Green aspen leaf

Today, Friends of Pando is not a legally recognized 501 (c)3 nonprofit. As we work toward our standing, Snow College, Richfield, Department of Natural Sciences has agreed to serve as our fiscal sponsor allowing us to accept tax-deductible donations to support our work. Please click the link below to donate to help support our 2021 season of programs. 

About Us

Friends of Pando is a not-for-profit organization operating under fiscal sponsorship of Snow College via in kind donations.

To learn more about how you can support our work, visit the About Us Page. 


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