Entering Pando sign with aspen trees - Finalize agreement

Public Notice: Friends of Pando and U.S. Forest Service Finalize Agreement

Friends of Pando, an organization dedicated to the Pando tree, has finalized an agreement with the U.S. Forest Service. The Forest Service is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining forest health and conservation to meet public land stewardship objectives. Friends of Pando is dedicated to educating the public, supporting research, and inspiring stewardship of the Pando tree, which is part of Fishlake National Forest. This agreement establishes a framework which will allow Friends of Pando and the Forest Service to work together on projects related to mutual goals involving the Pando tree, such as public education, research support, stewardship, and applying conservation principles to assure that Pando remains sustainable. Both entities will benefit from the agreement as they work to accomplish their respective missions and goals.

As part of the agreement, Friends of Pando submits an Annual Operating Plan (AOP) to the Forest Service outlining the specific areas of focus for the year. This year’s plan includes details about:


The full agreement and AOP can be viewed below.

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