The Pando Photographic Survey

Documenting the world's largest tree
in immersive 360°


The Pando Photographic Survey is a first of its kind document of Pando, the world’s largest tree. Made up of 47,000 branches that span across 106-acres (43 Hectares), Pando is the largest tree by weight at 13.2 Million pounds (5789 Tonnes) and  land mass. A recent discovery, only confirmed in 2008, this effort documents Pando’s expanse for the first time, recording 8,589 locations of the tree’s expanse and allowing people to explore Pando in 360° from anywhere in the world.

More than just a picture of a tree, this record is a scientific document that can be used for generations to come and was created so that it can be replicated to monitor Pando over time. A document that provides land mangers, scientists and the general public a way to understand, study and enjoy the tree just as if they were there.

On March 28th, 2023, Friends of Pando published the first 20% of Pando’s land mass, some 20 acres. Look to this page for updates, news, videos, and specially curated virtual tours and interactive experiences over the coming months.

Explore Pando in 360°

The Pando Photographic Survey allows anyone to explore Pando without the need for any special hardware or software.

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First Connections: A Walk Around the World's Largest Tree, Pando

Here is a visual map area you just explored!

You can use the links below to explore the tree by section and route. In addition, each page also includes links to download data sets that you can mix and match for use in research, research planning or, your personal enjoyment.

Explore Pando by Section

Upper Pando exclosure
Section of Map of Pando to Explore Pando in 360°
33.91 Acres
Lower Pando exclosure
Section of Map of Lower Pando South emphasized
17.86 Acres
Lower Pando South
section map of lower pando south
16.31 Acres
Cabins section
Section of Map of Pando to Explore Pando in 360°
16.16 Acres
Dr. Creek Campground
Section of Map of Dr Creek Campground in color emphasized
9.78 Acres
Upper Pando Hill
upper pando hill area emphasized in color
6.27 Acres
Dr. Creek North
Section of Pando, Dr Creek North section in color
1.42 Acres
smaller view of pando area map with sections colored
  • 1,711 Locations
  • 36 Routes
  • Land Coverage: 21 Acres

Next Update:
May 28th, 2023

How We Did It

Methods and Foundational Data Sets

field crews
Methods Review

Th Pando Photographic Survey is a scientific document developed so that it can be replicated over time. Read how we created the record from mapping the tree to publication.

Download Essential Project Documents

The Pando Photographic Survey is an open science project that was developed to help promote research. Download foundational data sets including the methods report (PDF), shoot map (PDF), shapes files of the location waypoints, Pando Area Map, equipment lists and other resources to use the data on your project. 

Meet the Team

Field work on the Pando Photographic Survey began in early 2021 and continues through the present day. Over the course of the project, 39 people from across the United States took part in the field and behind the scenes. As Pando is a tree of “one” that self-replicates, we asked team members to take part in a fun portrait project. A clone portrait showing what it might be like if there were 47,000 of you…

Learn more about what inspired people to take part traveling from around the world to take part in their first-of-its kind effort to document the world’s largest tree…

Pando Photographic Survey FAQ

More than a picture of tree, the Pando Photographic Survey can…


Make Pando accessible to those who could not otherwise experience it


Preserve a record of Pando for the next generation of forest conservationists


Allow scientists to study the tree from anywhere in the world


be replicated to observe how the tree changes over time

Serve as a reference for this generation and generations to come


Allow remote study of Pando from anywhere in the world

For Media Professionals and Storytellers

Pando Photographic Survey Project Quick Facts

This Project Was Made Possible By:

Snow College’s Resources Program  is a field-based program that works closely with local  companies to give students real world experience through projects, trainings, and certification in the different types of natural resources. Snow College is the formal fiscal sponsor for the Pando Photographic Survey and community education partner to Friends of Pando. Working with Snow, Friends of Pando provides natural science students with research and field experience on one-of- kind projects. 

Lensrental is the largest online rental provider for photography, videography, lighting equipment and accessories in the United States shipping gear to all 50 states providing in-person pick ups and deliveries where professional work.

As a a Friends of Pando partner, Lensrentals provides deep discounts on hard to find shooting rigs, logictical and planning support for Friends of Pando work documenting the Pando tree. 


EJF Philanthropies provides support to nonprofit organizations working to solve important challenges, by addressing underlying systemic causes and allocating resources to have a multiplier effect. EJF Philanthropies provides generous grants to hire citizen scientists, fund programming and assist Friends of Pando as we develop our capacity to educate the public, support research and inspire stewardship.

Friends of Pando is dedicated and working to educate the public, support research and preservation efforts and inspire stewardship of Pando, the world’s largest tree.


Friends of Pando is a proud partner of Pando’s public land stewards, Fishlake National Forest of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture. Learn more about our partnership.


Friends of Pando and its partners are equal opportunity employers.


Just $14 a month supports work to ensure Pando can be enjoyed for generations to come. Make a one-time or, recurring tax deductible donation today.

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