Pando, Our Tree

Since its inception, Friends of Pando has been working to bring artists, educators, scientist and community leaders together to understand the Pando and realize opportunities we have right here in our own backyard to study and protect the tree. The Pando, Our tree event was a community event to educate the public about the Pando Tree, and explore the ideas and opportunities it inspires. 

The events featured an art show where people got to experience Pando-inspired art and hear from the artists who created it. There were also community forums where community leaders, local students and scientists who have been working in the tree shared their experiences with the public. This event was developed and produced by Friends of Pando and through the the generous support of: EJF Philanthropies, Acoustic Atlas, Snow College Richfield, Richfield Visitor Center, and private donors like you.

Art Exhibit

A celebration of our connection to Pando and the Fishlake Basin in image, words, color, sound and space.

 In 2022, 7 artists with diverse backgrounds, working in different mediums shared their work, inspired by Pando, with the local community in the Fishlake Basin as well as in the nearby cities of Richfield and Monroe.

Janis Connell

Photographic Prints from the Pando Series

After retiring from Dell in 2014, Janis Connell has remade herself into a fine art photographer, glass artist and traveler. She is inspired by the wonders of nature and strives to capture the feeling of joy and beauty that is Mother Nature in her photography. Her photography career began in 2013 when she bought her first digital camera. At that time, cameras were becoming ubiquitous, and she decided she wanted to take unique photographs, not just snapshots. Her life on the road in a RV, as well as other travels, has enabled her to capture some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Janis’s work captures scenic landscapes and wildlife as well as lovely abstract artwork.


Kate Allen Fox

Childrens Book Author "Pando: A Living Wonder of Trees"

Things that bring me joy: books, kids, kids reading books, writing books for kids. After nearly a decade as a public health professional, I made the jump from office to keyboard. Now, I spend my days reading stories to my kids and writing stories for kids everywhere. My debut picture book, Pando, A Living Wonder of Trees (illustrated by Turine Tran, published by Capstone), was named one of the best books of 2021 by School Library Journal and Chicago Public Library and a finalist for the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award. Little, Brown will publish my second picture book, A Few Beautiful Minutes (illustrated by Khoa Le), in 2023. I am represented by Leslie Zampetti of Dunham Literary, and my writing has appeared in numerous outlets including, The New York Times, McSweeney’s, and Motherwell Magazine.


Harriet & Rob Fraser (from U.K.)

Land Art and Multimedia (Photos and Poetry)

Somewhere-nowhere is the collaborative practice of UK artist-researchers, Harriet Fraser and Rob Fraser. Harriet is a writer and poet, Rob is a photographer. Their collaborative work includes land art, moving image and participatory events that explore connections between people and the natural world, offering inspiration and wonder as well as invitations to engage in debate. Their books, which are linked with touring exhibitions, include ‘The Long View: two years with seven remarkably ordinary trees’ which is inspired by trees and landscape in the UK’s Lake District National Park. The Frasers are fascinated by complexity and the co-existence of multiple value systems, and enquire into practices and policies that affect land use and other-than-human worlds. The Frasers like to work alongside people who are experts by experience – including farmers, foresters, ecologists – and get involved in multi-disciplinary research projects. Walking is fundamental to their practice, always slow, always with plenty of time to pause; and often over a continuous series of days. somewhere-nowhere is grounded in the outdoors.

Kirk Henrichsen

Plein Aire Paintings of Pando

My Fine Art Education at Bringham Young University directed me toward a career in museum exhibit design where I promoted the work of many other artists at the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City. I began my own pursuit of landscape painting in response to the romantic landscapes of Alfred Lambourne and the honest portrayal of commonplace scenes by LeConte Stewart. Although I do not consider myself an impressionist, I have always been drawn to their efforts to capture the effects of light. The process of painting from life out of doors or “en plein air” allows me to focus my full attention on a subject for a few hours and it is almost as if I fall into a sort of meditative state. For two or three hours as I observe and attempt to capture the fleeting effects of light, all my other cares disappear. When the painting is finished the object I created is ready to be passed on to others, to provide them with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this world.


Lance Oditt

Photography and Pando Relief Prints

Lance Oditt is a photographer, visual artist, accessibility advocate and Lead Photographer on the Pando Photographic Survey, an effort to document the 106-acre Pando Tree in 360 degrees. His photographic works have been shown in Pioneer Square in Seattle, Microsoft Campus in Redmond Washington and The Richfield Visitor Center in Richfield and have won awards and commendations from the Fine Art Photography Awards, Shoot the Frame and American Forests. His work documenting Pando and other unique, vulnerable and endangered trees has been featured in Discover Magazine, National Forest Foundation, Topos Magazine, New York Times, Mountain Journal, KSL and PBS Newshour. Lance is the founder of Friends of Pando, a nonprofit based here in Richfield working to educate the public about Pando, study the tree and preserve it by creating work opportunities for local students, and scientists and artists from around the world.


Kreig Rasmussen



I am a wildlife biologist by trade and professional photographer by heart. Photography and conservation have been a life long affair for me. I got my first 35mm SLR for Christmas at the age of 12 and later, owned my own color lab and shot wedding and portrait photography while myself and my wife Dixie were going to college. I studied photography at Snow College and Brigham Young University. A resident of the Central Utah town of Salina, my home is only a short distance to some of the most beautiful scenery nature has to offer. Utah having nearly every variety of natural wonder to photograph, draws me out as each new season to find that special moment nature has created. Some special interest areas in my works include The Four Seasons–Nature, National Parks, Wildlife, Panoramas, Country Life, HDR, Seascape–Lighthouses, Black and White and Recreation.

Jeff Rice

Sound Art and Acoustic Conservation

Jeff Rice is a Seattle-based journalist and sound artist with a long-standing interest in natural soundscapes. His work as a field recordist has been featured in Outside Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and National Public Radio, and in 2018 his recordings of the Pando aspen grove were part of The New York Times Magazine’s Ellie Award-winning issue “Listen to the World.” His recordings have appeared in film, television, and theater productions as well as multimedia exhibits by artists ranging from Maya Lin (What is Missing?) to Ann Hamilton (in videos for the common S E N S E) and Karine Laval’s Trembling Giant. He is excited to be visiting Pando this summer to make more recordings of the tree as an artist in residence.


Community Forums

Pando: Ideas, Opportunities, and Inspiration

Our community forums participants spoke on a variety of topics aimed at educating the public about the tree and to share their passion for the tree and inspire others to stewardship. Events were held at a variety of community locations over the course of several days. Friends of Pando also provided free coloring books and stickers to children who attended.

  • A Friend of Pando is a Friend of Mine
    Dave Ogden, Friends of Pando Board President  and Executive Director Lance Oditt
  • The Friends of Pando Partnership
    Fishlake National Forest Staff
  • Artist Talk
    Harriet and Rob Fraser (of UK via Video)
  • Artist Talk
    Kirk Henrichsen
  • Pando Opportunities
    Snow College President Stacee McIff with Pando Corp Member Kyden Saner
  • Artist Talk
    Kreig Rasmusseum
  • Artist Talk
    Jeff Rice, The Sound of Pando
  • Children’s Reading Hour
    Featuring: Pando, A Living Wonder of Trees
  • The Friends of Pando Partnership
    Fishlake National Forest Staff
  • The Science of Pando
    Ryan Thalman, Snow College
  • Making Pando Accessible to All People
    Lance Oditt, Friends of Pando Executive Director
  • Pando: Culture, Art, and History of Land Management
    Nick Mustoe, U.S. Forest Service

Friends of Pando is dedicated and working to educate the public, support research and preservation efforts and inspire stewardship of Pando, the world’s largest tree.


Friends of Pando is a proud partner of Pando’s public land stewards, Fishlake National Forest of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture. Learn more about our partnership.


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