Amanda Triplett

Sculptural Textiles

2024-2025 Artist In Residence

Artist Statement

Making art in the intersection of fine art and craftwork, I manipulate, layer, and stitch salvaged fibers into sculpture, performance, and installation works about humanity’s emotional relationships to ecological narratives.


Fascinated by the evidence of aging on salvaged textiles, I treat “deterioration” as a part of the creative process. I fold and guide the fabric into new forms, stitching it into place. Making becomes a mending practice, a way to transform familiar materials. The resulting biomorphic pieces utilize the tendency of fabric to organically crease and flow.  The repetition and resonance of patterns in nature’s design guide the creation of the work, making visual connections between the larger phenomena of nature and our own human biological bodies.


I am fascinated by the way that Pando has found ways to grow, thrive, and endure conditions that would appear to be antithetical to life.  As human wrought environmental conditions continue to manifest in greater magnitude and threaten our environment, I am interested in learning from the survival narratives of Pando. Using a scaffolding of science, mythology and imagination, I am committed to engaging in speculative exploration of the secrets of Pando’s success. Possible points of inquiry for me include the root structures, the supportive plant, fungal, and animal communities and the unique geological shifts and movement that have contributed to Pando’s survival.

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Amanda Triplett Sample Works


Amanda Triplett is an intermedia artist and arts educator who practices, shows, and teaches in the Pacific Northwest. Using primarily recycled textiles, Amanda creates craft-based, fiber sculpture, performance, and installation about human relationships to biological, ecological, and cultural narratives. Currently Amanda is making work around the narratives of ecological hope and resilience.


A recipient of numerous residencies, grants, and awards, Amanda has had the honor of working as an artist in residence at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR and the Mary Olson Farm in Auburn, WA.  Amanda is a member of Shift Gallery in Seattle and practices and lives in Portland, Oregon with her family

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